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Hello dear IDUGers,


Let me first introduce myself :)

My name is Mirna. A month ago, during IDUG's yearly NA conference in Philadelphia a change of guards took place and Luc passed over President's position to me.

I spent the last 12 years of my life with IDUG, initially as a member of EMEA Conference planning committee, going through different roles. In 2013 I chaired EMEA conference in Barcelona. That was one fantastic experience and one of the „time of my life“ periods which convinced me to linger on and join IDUG Board of Directors. Serving IDUG in that capacity was a bit different experience but a fantastic arena to learn and grow in different ways. Now, I'm very much looking forward to following year and all the challenges and experience it will bring.

I'd like to seize the opportunity and thank Luc for all what he's done for IDUG during years, and specially during past, extremely challenging, year. It was great having him as a mentor and a friend. I'm also happy he's staying around for one more year J

It was great seeing many of you in Philadelphia last month. On top of one more fantastic conference, this time it actually took place in the city center, which was quite a different experience of Philadelphia than couple of years ago. Hope you managed to catch a couple of extra hours to walk around the city too.

With the NA conference just behind us, we're looking forward to other events this year. Please check out the conference pages for IDUG AU in Sidney in September and IDUG EMEA in Malta in November. Registration for both events is open so make sure you reserve your seat in time!

Also, a location for IDUG NA 2019 has been announced last month. IDUG is coming to Charlotte! Loyalty discount is available for only a short period of time, so if you know you are going to attend IDUG next year, be sure to seize this opportunity!

Another set of events that I'm really looking forward to are two one day events that will happen during August. For the first time in a long long while IDUG is going back to Brazil – to Sao Paolo and Brasilia - to meet Brazilian DB2 community. Registration for both events should open during next week so consider this heads up!

On top of all this, we are looking into repeating Toronto Lab LUW event and SVL Lab Data Tech Summit. More details to follow.


Have you noticed that in Philadelphia a special Developers day took place? How did you like it?

We're looking for volunteers from developers community to engage with IDUG's teams to influence and shape future IDUG content and delivery formats that would be more attractive to developer's part of IDUG community. If you are interested, drop me a note.


Now, writing blogs is a new thing for me, so please let me know what kind of topics would you like me to write about. Also, for any other suggestion and / or question, I can be reached at mirna.kos@idug.org

Till next time,


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Adorable first blog, by our new president, Mirna

June 8, 2018 01:01 PM by Erwin Hattingh

the IDUG was and is in good hands. Thanks Luc, and welcome Mirna ! 

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