Welcome summer!

I was just packing my bags to head off for my summer vacation when I got a reminder that I should write a couple of words to my favorite user community before I log out for a few weeks :)

I know it's all about good planning and completing tasks, but whenever I think “This time I got everything in order and on time!” and the last day before my trip, or my party, or my meeting, or family gathering, won't be a complete mess, something pops up and adds to that pre-trip, pre-party, pre-meeting or pre-gathering adrenaline :)

So, my favorite user community, how do you plan to spend your summer days?


When I first joined IDUG as part of the EMEA conference planning committee, it was quite a surprise to find out just how busy summer time is for an IDUG volunteer. Although from the outside it may look like once we close the NA conference there’s nothing going on until the next event, that can't be further from the truth. Preparing a conference requires a great amount of time and dedication, and most of the work usually happens when everybody else is taking time off to relax :)


So, having been there and done that, I know exactly how much time the dedicated EMEA and AU volunteers are spending right now ensuring that your IDUG EMEA 2018 Tech Conference in Malta and IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Sidney will be a fantastic experience!


But this year, IDUG summer is even busier as we again added something new to reach another part of Db2 community. On top of our two signature events, registration is now open for both of IDUG's brand new Brazilian Db2 Summits in August as well as the IDUG & IBM Data Tech Summit in SVL in October. Check out the list of events on www.idug.org and pick your favorite(s)!


Now, back to packing my bags for my Croatian summer tour. Have I mentioned what a wonderful place the Croatian coast is? Just in case you're looking for ideas on how to spend your summer days…


Have a wonderful summer!

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