October eBulletin - DB2 11 for z/OS ESP (Early Support Code )

Dear IDUG Membership,

What a month! October was a very busy month for IDUG as we were gearing up for the IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Berlin. It was also a busy month for IBM’s Information Management division with two key announcements of interest to the DB2 community. And, of course, these will be the buzz’ at this month’s IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Berlin!  It’s not too late for you to register!

IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Berlin, Germany 2012

Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany
4 - 9 November 2012

On October 9, IBM announced PureData System for TransactionsPureData System for Analytics and PureData System for Operational Analytics.

These PureData System models have been designed, integrated and optimized to deliver data services to today’s demanding applications. With today’s data growth explosion, these will be key solutions to many IDUG members.

On October 3, IBM announced DB2 11 for z/OS Early Support Program. IBM will making DB2 11 for z/OS ESP available to a select group of customers beginning March 8, 2013.

So what will DB2 11 deliver? As with all releases, what you see now is not necessary what you will get at GA (General Availability) time, as features get added and/or dropped. But, for a complete list of current features, take a look at the announcement letter

I wanted to understand what DB2 11 for z/OS meant for our DB2 community, so I reached out to Julian Stuhler, a recognized DB2 expert, and an IDUG “Thought Leader” and this is what Jules had to say:

”IBM has a tough act to follow with the new release of DB2 for z/OS. DB2 10 reversed the usual trend and delivered significant potential CPU savings for most customers, many of them available ‘out of the box.’ A series of scalability and new function enhancements rounded off an impressive package that made upgrading to DB2 10 much easier to justify than usual.

So, expectations are high for DB2 11 (previously known under the codename of ’Sequoia’). Can it deliver? While the full list of new features hasn’t yet been finalised (the beta doesn’t start until March 2013), the initial indications are encouraging. More enhancements aimed at driving down CPU usage for OLTP, query and utility workloads are in the pipeline, and on the scalability front, a major effort is underway to expand log RBS/LRSN values to increase the addressable range to a mind-boggling 1 yottabyte (280). Customers with access to IBM’s latest EC12 enterprise server can look forward to some DB2 enhancements designed to exploit new hardware features such as Flash Express.  Developers can look forward to enhancements to temporal tables and SQLPL stored procedures as well as some new capabilities to assist with data archiving.  Ease of migration is also a focus area, with efforts being made to further improve access path stability features and decrease the application availability impact during the upgrade.

Plenty more DB2 11 information will be made available at IDUG conferences and on our website as the feature list is finalised and IBM works toward general availability of the new release. In the meantime, the most important pre-requisite is already clear: you need to be on DB2 10 in New Function Mode before you can upgrade. So those of you still on Version 9 need to start planning soon – remember that End Of Support for DB2 9 has now been announced for June 2014.”

Brilliant stuff! Thanks for providing this insight and detail to IDUG, Jules.

Jules and his fellow IDUG “Thought Leaders” will continue to report on the new version of DB2 as it progresses through the ESP program and right up to and including the GA announcement. Expect expert and independent in-depth analysis from IDUG on DB2 11 for z/OS.

As always, stay connected to IDUG … make www.IDUG.org your gateway to the worldwide DB2 Community and in-depth technical information.

With Best Regards,

Joe Borges

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