April Sum up at IDUG

What have you missed during month of April ?

April wat advanced SQL month for the content committee so we started the month of with a great article by Dan Luksetich on practical use cases of recursive SQL. https://www.idug.org/p/bl/ar/blogaid=839

Next we had a first time author Brian Laube, who wrote a fantastic article on temporary tables in Db2 and the lessons learned. A real life article that every developer and dba should read and understand.

We ended the month with beautiful article by David Simpson on the highly usable but often forgotten functions Lag and Lead.


But that is not all, we started releasing premium content, great video’s that you can watch in the comfort of your own home.
Premium Content
In April, following the introduction of the IDUG Premium Membership program, the following conference sessions from IDUG North America 2018 were posted to the IDUG Premium Content blog:

  • The Many Faces of the Db2 Client, by Phil Nelson
  • db2audit In a Nutshell, by Markus Fraune
  • Spark SQL for z/OS Data Scientists, by Ravi Kalyanasundaram
  • 11 Great Db2 Questions from Stack Overflow, by Henrik Loeser
  • Query Tuning in the Cognitive Era, by Thomas Baumann

Session recordings from past conferences are posted weekly, but are accessible only to Premium Members.

For more information about Premium Membership, please visit this page.






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