July Content Recap

During the month of July, we covered:

Steve Cricchi covered the some basics of IBM’s Db2 Analytics Accelerator and how well it performed in his article Meet “the Crusher” - or how we learned to love query acceleration (https://www.idug.org/p/bl/ar/blogaid=879).

Xiaohong Fu and Xiao Bo Wang covered some details of using DECFLOAT in Db2 for z/OS in their article Early stage predicate evaluation with DECFLOAT and implicit casts (https://www.idug.org/p/bl/ar/blogaid=883).

Akiko Hoshikawa told us how to reduce transaction latency using zHyperLink in her article Lightning Fast I/O via zHyperLink and Db2 for z/OS Exploitation (https://www.idug.org/p/bl/ar/blogaid=889).

Premium Content

For the month of July, the following conference sessions from IDUG EMEA 2018 were posted to the IDUG Premium Content blog:

- Some Iterations Over Recursion by Michael Tiefenbacher
- Cloudy with a Chance of DevOps – A Survival Guide by Julian Stuhler
- HADR Multiple Standbys - One Feature to Protect you Near and Far by Dale McInnis
- Tips on Identifying Potential Hot Spots Towards Improving Warehouse Performance by Calisto Zuzarte
- The 5 Things We Learned After 5 Years of IBM Db2 Accelerator Usage by Thomas Baumann

Session recordings from past conferences are posted weekly, but are accessible only to Premium Members.

For more information about Premium Membership, please visit this page.

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