Db2 Advanced Log Space Management - Trying to Make Life Simple - Presentation

Presented: October 23, 2019 @ IDUG EMEA 2019
Presented: January 10, 2020 @ Db2Night Show (Watch Replay)
[Demo only link]

Trying to figure out the ins and outs of D
b2 Log Space Management?  Spent too much time trying to figure out what settings are best for your environment?  Look no further than Db2's new Advanced Log Space Management.  With the introduction of Db2 11.5 the journey has begun in making log space management more autonomic.  This presentation will introduce you to some of the concepts and principles behind it all.  We will do a deep dive into the technology and transformation behind making log space management more hands off, which in the end will make life simple for you and your organization.

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