October Content recap

The month of October was focused on DevOps, which is a big and hot topic, and even if most of us didn’t really understand what it is, after a quick glance we can see how important it is especially for us, the DBAs, as going DevOps work is normally consuming a significant portion of our time as we support application departments.


Julia Carter raised awareness of the DevOps perspective in our daily work in her article “Aspirations for Being a Lazy DBA? Maybe DevOps is the Answer!” where it became clear how many of our daily routine tasks belong to the DevOps field and how a good approach to it might lighten the load in a significant way.


Craig Mullins gave us a formal definition to DevOps in his article “DevOps and Db2 for z/OS”, where he described the general pipeline, terms we should know about, how this mixes in real tasks taking the DevOps philosophy, and mentions a number of Open Source tools commonly used for this. He then revisited two of the most frequent tasks we perform and how they relate to DevOps.


Emil Kotrc told us how many people already handle some of DevOps tasks through the use of the stored procedure DSNUTILU in Db2 for z/OS in his article “Running Db2 for z/OS utilities from the application programs (DSNUTILU as a piece of DevOps)”. In his note, the stored procedure to invoke utilities is explained and shown in code examples to tell how many people already include maintenance tasks within their application workflow.


Premium Content

For the month of October, the following conference session recordings were posted to the IDUG Premium Content blog:

  • Distributed Strategy in the Mobile Age by Adrian Burke.
  • How to design a Hybrid HSON/XML/Relational Database Schema by Matthias Nicola.
  • SQL Tuning – There’s Gold in them there “peaks” by Damon Anderson.
  • Db2 for z/OS Starter’s Guide to Memory Monitoring and Control by Florence Dubois.
  • Advanced Performance Diagnostics for SQL by David Kalmuk.


Session recordings from past conferences are posted weekly, but are accessible only to Premium Members.

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