November Content recap

For the last two months of this year, we’ll be focusing on New Features as most of us struggle keeping up to date with new enhancements, though we’ve got you covered. It is usually not enough just to learn about new features, so the value is in learning about creative cases that were not possible before, where a new SQL sentence or a new keyword in a utility can help in ways that were not evident at first sight. Our workload is ever increasing and ever changing, and to face these challenges, we also need to open ourselves to new ways to interact with Db2.

Jim Dee covered one of the hottest topics in Db2 for z/OS of this year on his article “Deprecated Objects and APPLCOMPAT”. Db2 for z/OS invites us to change our mindset with Continuous Delivery and now with Function Level 504 we have another big change every user should be aware of. However, as with most cases, there’s always a workaround and a way to let us choose what happens with our deprecated objects.

For Db2 LUW 11.5, Frank-Martin Haas has a detailed explanation of logging, tuning, considerations for SAP environments and a demo for the new feature “Advanced Log Space Management” in his article “Advanced Log Space Management (ALSM) as of Db2 for LUW Version 11.5”.


Premium Content

For the month of November, the following conference session recordings were posted to the IDUG Premium Content blog:

Robert Catterall. Let me make this clear – More Oft-Misunderstood Db2 for z/OS Concepts and Facilities.

John Lyle. Db2 12 for z/OS Migrations – A Complete retooling of the migration process.

Calisto Zuzarte – Tips on identifying potential hot spots towards improving warehouse performance


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