August Content Recap

During the month of August, we covered:

Keri Romanufa covered the architecture of Db2, including what is new with Db2 11.5, in her Db2 Architecture Overview and BLU presentation.

Kevin Oliver covered how Db2 11.5 simplified product editions to make the path from prototype to production deployment easier in his IBM Db2 Editions Simplified for Straightforward Deployment Options article.

George Baklarz covered exploitation of Db2 features in a NoSQL world in his Advanced JSON Understanding how to Exploit Db2 Capabilities in the NoSQL World presentation.

IBM has some additional content on Db2 11.5:

Premium Content

For the month of August, the following conference sessions were posted to the IDUG Premium Content blog:

- Db2 LUW Performance Tuning for the z/OS DBA by Joe Geller
Agile Db2 Deployment with Docker, Kubernetes and REST by Mark Murnane
SQL Programming: 30 Tips in 60 Minutes! by Suresh Sane
This Time is Different - Addressing the Needs of IoT Workload Requirements with Db2 Event Store by Frank Ketelaars

Session recordings from past conferences are posted weekly, but are accessible only to Premium Members.

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