February Content recap

For the month of February, we focused on the old and the new in Db2. From small changes in Db2 12 for z/OS that can change the behavior of your batch workload to new technologies and integration of Devops practices using Jenkins and a deep dive into a much overlooked concept in Db2 which is cardinality.

David Morris expanded our knowledge on testing and automation by presenting the usage of Jenkins and H2 for secure repeatable tests for your Db2 applications in his article Jenkins Pipeline H2 Database Integration Testing.

Joe Geller, David Simpson and Tony Andrews gave us a good deep dive into cardinality and how this concept applies to different Db2 objects and how you can get a hold of the concept to use it within your queries in the article Cardinality without Runstats.

Brian Laube shared why you should not forget about the new access privilege in Db2 12 for z/OS, the UNLOAD privilege, who it is aimed for and how it might impact your workload by either ignoring or setting this new privilege in his article New V12 functionality - UNLOAD authority! Why? What is the point?.

Premium Content

For the month of February, the following conference session recordings were posted to the IDUG Premium Content blog:

Greg Stager - Light at the End of the Encrypted Tunnel

Anthony Ciabattoni - Golden Nuggets for a Db2 Professional

Serge Bourbonnais - Replication for Continuous Availability Technology

Jan Tielemans - Do You Do zHyperWrite To Help Your Db2 Systems? KBC Does!

Robert Catterall - Db2 for z/OS Gets Agile: Data-as-a-Service and Database-as-a-Service

Roger Sanders - Use Your Db2 Data for Machine Learning in the Cloud

Joe Watson - Db2 V12 Migration with No Perceived Down Time

Dale McInnis - Db2 Logging 101 - What Is Really Happening Under the Covers

You will find new Premium content twice a week, and don’t forget to check the RSS Feed button so you can keep track of new videos being uploaded.

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