IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Prague, Czech Republic 2011
Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic
13 - 18 November, 2011


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KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Curt Cotner and Namik Hrle


Relational database technology has become a key element of most enterprise IT architectures over the course of the last 25 years. During that period of time, relational database products like DB2 have evolved significantly to address the changing technology and business needs of customers. This evolution has come in the form of dramatic improvements in performance, scalability, availability and system management. The evolution has also introduced major functional enhancements to the relational database products that represent significant departures from the original concepts described by Dr. Codd in his seminal research. For example, customer demand for object database features in the 1990's caused relational products like DB2 to introduce stored procedures, user-defined functions, and triggers as a vehicle for customizing the behavior of the relational database engine. More recently, most of the major relational products have evolved to include native data stores and query language enhancements to handle XML.

In the past few years, a number of new database technologies have been introduced: in-memory data stores, graph stores, column stores, name/value stores, etc. Some industry pundits have proclaimed that these technologies represent the end of the relational database era.  In this session, we will discuss some of these new technology developments, and we will describe some of the work that is being done within IBM to continue the evolution of DB2 to address these new technology and business needs.


Curt Cotner


Curt Cotner is an IBM Fellow and VP/CTO for IBM's relational database server products.  Curt has technical and management oversight of IBM's Data Studio and Optim products that provide application development and administration support for both IBM and non-IBM database products. Curt holds approximately 40 patents in database technology topic areas.  Prior to taking his current assignment, Curt was the chief architect of the DB2 for z/OS product, where he designed and developed many key features of the DB2 product:

* DRDA support                               
* distributed 2-phase commit                              
* Stored procedures                            
* TCP/IP                               


Namik Hrle

Namik-Hrle.jpgNamik Hrle is IBM Distinguished Engineer and works in the IBM Boeblingen Laboratory. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, Information Management Architecture Board, Software Group Architecture Board Steering Committee and many other IBM's expert teams. He specializes in information management technology and its usage by the enterprise applications. He works closely with the IBM labs worldwide and helps customers deploy and optimally exploit information management products. He is a regular speaker at conferences across the world.