DB2 11 Best Practices & Transition Workshop

(formerly DB2 for z/OS Migration Planning Workshop)

Presenters Adrian Burke & Michael Dewert

When: Sunday, Nov 13th, 2016 - 9:30-16:30


Price: FREE

Objective is to help customers that have already migrated to DB2 11, or are in the process of migrating to DB2 11. This workshop will help to set the right level of expectations and provide some real customer feedback of how to avoid pitfalls. This class will help customers effectively plan their migration strategy by providing the right information, facts, and guidance. The knowledge you'll gain by attending this workshop will ensure:

  • Adoption of Best Practices
  • Lessons learned from real customer experiences
  • Exploitation of DB2 11 features and functions after migration

Business/Technical Benefits of Attending

Reap the cost savings and business benefits of DB2 11. The guidance and direction captured will help customers gain competitive advantages by doing the right, avoiding pit fails with less risk. Gaining business insight, better performance, and operational efficiency with less cost.

Speakers Bio:

Adrian Burke is an Open Group Master Certified IT Specialist on the DB2 SWAT team based out of the Silicon Valley Lab. In this role as a technical advocate for DB2 for z/OS Adrian conducts and educational workshops, DB2 health checks, and availability studies for DB2 for z/OS customers. Adrian has spoken at numerous DB2 Regional User Groups in the U.S. and abroad as well as presented at IDUG, SHARE, and IOD. He is also a published Redbook author on material dealing with DB2 and z/OS performance.

Michael Dewert is a IBM senior DB2 Consulting Specialist based in Germany, working for IBM DB2 z/OS development (Silicon Valley Laboratory). He has over 25 years of experience working with DB2 z/OS. Before joining IBM in 2001, he worked for large banking IT providers in Germany. He is experienced in DB2, IMS and z/OS system programming, client/server, parallel sysplex, DB2 data sharing implementations aiming for high availability and performance. He is also a co-author of IBM DB2 Redbooks. Currently he works as a member of the DB2 z/OS Development SWAT team supporting customers across various industries and geographies.


IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator Architecture Workshop

Presenters: Patric Becker and Peter Bendel [IBM]

When:Thursday,  Nov 17th, 2016 - 14:00-18:00  
Where: Creativity
Price: FREE

Take advantage of a complimentary architecture workshop with IBM - to help you understand how this game-changing technology enables DB2 for z/OS has been enhanced even further and can now help you with additional use cases such as in-database-transformations. By integrating the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, users can run complex queries and transformations in DB2 for z/OS and get sub-second response times, without affecting the production workload.
Conducted at IDUG 2013 and 2014 conferences, the DB2 Analytics Accelerator Architecture Workshop is a half-day, interactive session that will help you understand this new technology up to the latest available version and how this can help you in improving your performance and cost of your DB2 for z/OS based Data Warehouse and related analytical business processes.
This workshop is for everybody who wants to get up to speed with the latest version of IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator and understand the technical processes that happen 'under the covers'.
What can you expect:

  • Technical deep dive into the latest version and enhancements of IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator in 2015
  • Obtain latest news from IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator development
  • Customer experiences of latest enhancements
  • Understand use cases and technical details of in-database-transformation (IDT) with an accelerator
  • Incremental update enhancements
  • Gain insight into more efficient ways to feed data to IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator

You will leave with:

  • Presentation materials
  • Networking and Contacts

Target Audience: Business / LOB Titles Marketing Analyst, Application Architect

Speakers Bio:

Patric Becker is a Software Architect within the Analytics on z Systems System z Center of Excellence at the IBM Boeblingen Lab. The team has specialized in IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, performs IBM-internal and external education for this product, supports customer installations and proof-of-concepts. Patric has more than 18 years of experience with DB2 for z/OS. He has co-authored five IBM Redbooks, focusing on DB2 for z/OS, High Availability, Performance and Analytics.

Peter is the lead architect for DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS in the Boeblingen IBM development lab, Germany. Peter has spoken several times at IDUG as a presenter and panelist and has given several workshops at IDUG on IDAA.


DB2 in the Cloud Hands on Workshop

Presenter: Kelly Schlamb [IBM]

When:Thursday, Nov 17th, 2016 - 14:00-18:00  
Where: Harmony
Price: FREE

As you may be aware, IBM has a huge investment in Cloud Data Services with several billion dollars invested in acquiring and growing the IBM Cloud.  DB2, the database management systems you know and love is at the core of IBM Cloud Data Services. One such offering is dashDB, the fully managed cloud service based on DB2 with BLU Acceleration and Netezza in-database analytics. It offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model that provides a free entry point (up to 1GB data storage) enabling you to grow and shrink capacity with changing business demands. 

In this two-hour hands-on workshop, we will take you through provisioning and working with dashDB. We will also work on getting your data into the cloud and show you how we can integrate data from mobile applications that leverage a NoSQL JSON data store like Cloudant to provide analytics on top of these new data sources.  We will then work through moving data into, out of and around the cloud using the IBM Bluemix Data Connect service. Lastly, we will wrap up with an exploration of Watson Analytics, which allows you to perform predictive analytics on your DB2 data in the cloud without having to have a PhD in statistical analysis.

All you need to bring to the workshop is a network connected device (laptop, iPad, etc) to work with DB2 in the Cloud and the IBM Cloud provides the rest.


  • Understand Bluemix and creating data services
  • Provisioning and working with a dashDB instance
  • Working with JSON data in Cloudant and doing analytics on that data with dashDB
  • Moving data around the cloud and getting data in using Bluemix Data Connect 
  • Watson Analytics - exploration and prediction for your business users

Speaker Bio:
Kelly Schlamb has had a long history of technical and people leadership throughout his 20-plus-year career at IBM. He is currently an Executive IT Specialist within IBM's Cloud Data Services organization, focusing on dashDB, DB2 on Cloud, and other DB2-related technologies. Prior to this, Kelly was a senior development manager and long time member of the DB2 Kernel development group in the IBM Toronto Lab, working in the areas of buffer pool services, storage management, and logging and recovery. Kelly is a frequent presenter at conferences and user groups worldwide.


Modernize DB2 for z/OS - Enable for Cloud Computing,  DevOps and API Economy

Presenters: Maryela Weihrauch and Kewei Wei  [IBM]

When:Thursday,  Nov 17th, 2016 - 14:00-18:00  
Where: Exploration
Price: FREE

The workshop is divided into 4 parts and walk you through the details of how to modernize the interface into DB2 for z/OS assets to serve as reliable and scalable database for agile applications

DB2 for z/OS and Cloud Computing - Sysprog Simplification: DB2 Installation/Migration with z/OSMF
Being ready for Cloud computing is important for any software product. Maryela and Ke Wei will position DB2 for z/OS role in cloud computing, introduce z/OSMF workflows. They than will share how DB2 exploits them for automated DB2 migration and installation to simplify DB2 system programmers as well as infrastructure for cloud provisioning use cases.

DB2 for z/OS and Cloud Computing - Self-Service:  Database Provisioning in Private Cloud
With the distributed databases making big steps in cloud support, it is critical for DB2 for z/OS to provide similar capabilities for easy database consumption. Learn how DB2 database provisioning and de-provisioning can be offered as self-service to consumers within the company, e.g. application developers, test organisations and business units, They will discuss critical cloud criteria as capacity control, metering, security etc. in a System z computing environment.

DB2 for z/OS and API Economy
The Application Programming Interface (API) economy has changed how developers think about building applications, and how organizations now need to deploy software as a service. Mobile devices have accelerated the shift to providing software services via APIs, although APIs are not limited to mobile devices – the shift to using cloud based services also is based on APIs. Maryela and KeWei will present how existing z assets can play an important role in API economics by REST API enable SQL and Stored Procedures.

DB2 for z/OS and DevOps
Modern application development requires rapid, automated deployments. Many organizations have implemented automated application deployments for distributed platforms, but retain manual deployment processes for z Systems applications.Learn how to adopt modern, automated application deployments on z Systems using IBM UrbanCode Deploy

Speakers Bio:
Maryela Weihrauch is an IBM Distinguish Engineer and z Systems Analytics world-wide technical sales and client champion. She has extensive experience with DB2 regarding systems, application, and database design. Maryela is very engaged in enterprises world-wide, driving the adoption of new analytical technologies. Her most recent role in DB2 for z/OS Development has involved determining DB2 z/OS strategy for HTAP (Hybrid Transaction and Analytics Processing). This includes IDAA strategy and implementation, as well as DB2's application enablement strategy. Maryela is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and frequently shares her experience at conferences.

Kewei Wei is the technical leader of DB2 for z/OS development and CE team in IBM China Development Lab. He has been working on the development of DB2 for z/OS query optimization technology and tools for 10 years. He supported many DB2 customers in China and Asia Pacific to optimize their applications. Currently Kewei is leading development projects of new technology on z System, including DB2z Cloud provisioning service and machine learning service for z/OS.


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