Motivational Keynote

Monday November 14, 9:00-10:40

Reboot Your Thinking

Paul Sloane01.png Speaker: Paul Sloane


Is your thinking programmed, predictable and routine? This provocative and stimulating talk will shake you out of your regular mindset and get your cogitating in new ways. Author and speaker Paul Sloane will show you:

  • What lateral thinking is and how it can improve your career
  • How to challenge your assumptions
  • How to take a different point of view
  • How to think what nobody else thinks
  • Why Andy Murray serves double faults
  • Why you should become an arsonist and a firefighter at work

Speaker bio:

Paul Sloane Paul Sloane is an entertaining, thought- provoking, motivational keynote speaker and a recognised expert on lateral thinking, innovation, crowd sourcing and leadership. He is the author of over 25 books on lateral puzzles, creativity, innovation and leadership. Over 2 million copies of his books have been sold. He was described in the Independent as the ‘King of Lateral Thinking Puzzles'. He is an expert conference facilitator, link presenter and course leader. Paul's talks offer a unique blend of puzzling challenges, humour and hard-hitting business messages. His workshops and innovation camps provide practical techniques to improve leadership and innovation. Clients include Bayer, Bertelsmann, Microsoft, Reckitt Benckiser, GSK, Nike, Swarovski and Unilever. Paul Sloane was born in Scotland and educated at St Joseph's College, Blackpool and Trinity Hall, Cambridge where he took a first in Engineering. He worked for 11 years at IBM, where he was part of the team that launched the IBM PC in the UK. Paul then became UK Managing Director for Ashton-Tate and VP International for Mathsoft Inc. He was the head of the Innovation Unit at the British Quality Foundation. Paul's books include The Innovative Leader, A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing, and How to be a Brilliant Thinker. His articles on innovation and leadership have appeared in leading business publications. His inspirational talks on innovation, creative thinking and leadership, described as ‘rocket fuel for the business brain', have proved popular with conference audiences worldwide.

Technical Keynote

Tuesday November 15, 8:30-10:00

IBM Database Management Systems:

Trends and Directions

Namik.png Speaker: Namik Hrle


Business Analytics, Big Data, Systems of Engagement and Cloud delivery model create new requirements that profoundly affect database management systems technology. Columnar orientation, in-memory databases, no-SQL stores, Spark and Hadoop integration are the key trends that have already proven their values in some of the most challenging application workloads. At the same time, traditional, relational database management systems are still irreplaceable foundations for a large majority of mission critical, core business applications. Where do traditional IBM RDBMS offerings: DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for LUW fit in with these new technology trends and business requirements? How do they relate to the strategic IBM's DataWorks direction and other database engines such as dashDB and Cloudant? What is IBM's strategy to remain the industry leader under the new conditions and to continue being the choice for the most demanding data serving workloads? These questions will be answered in this keynote presentation which will discuss bringing together all data in all paradigms (transactional, analytical, unstructured, etc.) with the goal of 'making data simple'.


Speaker bio:

Namik Hrle is IBM Fellow and works in the IBM Boeblingen Laboratory. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, IBM Fellows Leadership Team, SWG Architecture Board Steering Committee and many other IBM's expert teams. He specializes in analytics and information management technology and its usage by the enterprise applications. He works closely with the IBM labs worldwide and helps customers deploy and optimally exploit analytics and information management products. He is currently developing IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator which augments DB2 with industry leading complex query performance and appliance simplicity.

Closing Keynote

Thursday November 17, 12:10-13:10

The future of IT; Are we all doomed?


Speaker: Marcel den Hartog


Often, when one of your executives returns from an Executive Level IT event, they are shocked but full of thought provoking ideas that often cause a lot of turmoil in your company. There is almost always a keynote speaker who paints an unrealistic picture of the future. Why does that happen and are these IT Visionaries preaching doom and gloom on purpose? In this closing key-note, Marcel will try and explain the psychology behind this all. He will use some of the examples he has witnessed in the past year and will share his insight with you in an entertaining but educational way. He will also share a lot of evidence about the “state of IT” survey we recently conducted to find out how well companies are REALLY doing with IT, what the real challenges are and how they are coping with them. Hopefully, you will walk away with the right arguments to not only bring some sense back into the minds of those IT Conference attendees, but also to help you “sell” better why you, your job and your attendance @ IDUG are important to the company.


Speaker bio:

Marcel den Hartog is a frequent speaker on both internal (customer) and external events like GSE, IDUG and other Industry events where he talks about CA’s mainframe strategy, vision and IT trends. Marcel is a member of CA Council of Technical Excellence, a group of technical leaders throughout the company. In his current role, he is responsible for CA Technologies EMEA Marketing for a variety of (mainframe) solutions. Marcel joined CA in 1986 as a Pre-sales consultant for both mainframe and distributed products. Before this, he worked as a programmer/systems analyst on VSE and MVS systems, starting with CICS DL1/IMS and later with DB2. He never lost touch with the technical aspects of IT and still has hands-on experience with many CA products. He was responsible for managing CA’s pre-sales teams in The Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa for a number of years where he worked on IT project with some of the largest companies in the Benelux, Europe and Africa.