Motivational Keynote

Monday October 2, 9:00-10:30

#WINNING Every Day!

Scott Hayes Speaker: Scott Hayes


A tall skinny pimple faced teenager sells the most pizzas three years in a row for his Boy Scout Troop, becomes an Eagle Scout, a Fraternity Brother, Radio Shack’s top salesman, a COBOL/VSAM/DB2 developer, a DBA, an MVS Systems Programmer, a father, a Director for the #1 App Vendor to Higher Education, an IDUG Speaker, a DB2 Consultant, a Small Business Entrepreneur, a US Patent Inventor, a millionaire, a serial Entrepreneur, virtually bankrupt, a regular IDUG volunteer, speaker, and Board member, and a millionaire again – the kind that lives next door.

Forty years later, the pimple faced kid has a great complexion most days but is no longer skinny despite running half marathons. Life has taught him much. All of the things that he didn’t learn on life’s journey, his wife completed his education with daily advice on his imperfections augmented by regular beatings and honey-do chores. Perfection is elusive, but he enjoys the pursuit of WINNING while eating generous portions of humble pie.

The world today is filled with chaos, violence, natural and unnatural disasters, economic turmoil, political differences, and intense competition from new places and forces unlike we’ve ever known in recent years. What is your strategy for surviving? For thriving? For winning? I’d like to help you. And I have three big ideas for you!


Speaker bio:

Scott Hayes Scott Hayes is President & Founder of DBI Software. IDUG North America 2018 in Philadelphia will be the 30th North American Conference that Scott will have attended, and IDUG is celebrating its 30th anniversary next year! Scott has been a regular speaker at IDUG since 1996, he’s a published author in DB2 Magazine & IBM Data Management Magazine, he writes the DB2 LUW Performance blogs at, and he is the founder and lead host of The DB2Night Show™ Edutainment Webinar Series that has provided nearly 1,000,000 hours of free DB2 education to the DB2 community since 2009. He claims he’s not yet met a DB2 LUW database that he couldn’t help make run measurably faster in less than four hours, and this claim is backed by a $10,000 USD guarantee. Scott has flown over 2.4 million miles on Delta Airlines and is a Marriott Platinum Lifetime member. Since September 2010, Scott has finished over 30 half marathons around the USA, plus Dublin Ireland (2X) and Sydney Australia (3X). His next race is 15 October 2017 in Lisbon Portugal. Speed is in his DNA.


Competitive pressures and the need to innovate are everywhere. Data is the new currency and exploiting your data to gain insights becomes core to every business. You will learn about IBM's point of view, how we help you progress your journey towards cognitive self-service analytics with Machine Learning, and generate value today and tomorrow. Hear how IBM is changing Db2 like never before including the latest news on Db2, Db2 for z/OS and the Db2 Analytics Accelerator. See demonstrations of new solutions such as Db2 Download and Go, Project EventStore and more. Don't miss this!


Speaker bio:

Daniel G. Hernandez is the Vice President of Analytics Offering Management responsible for the strategy, transformation, and performance of the hybrid data management, data science & machine learning, and governance and integration businesses at IBM. Along with the entire Analytics team, Daniel is on a mission to make data simple for everyone. Analytics offerings and services, such as Db2, SPSS and Information Server, help clients around the world collect, store, and manage all data, generate insights, explanations, and predictions that inspire data-driven decision making, and protect data so that it always safe and trusted.

Daniel joined IBM in 2007 from GlobeRanger, a startup acquired by Fujitsu, and has dedicated his career to building and scaling software products, services as well as startup and established $1B+ businesses. He’s held numerous roles within IBM including in Strategy, M&A, Offering Management, Development, and Services. He received his B.S. from the University of Texas at Dallas and M.S. from the University of Texas at Austin.


Come and hear the ​continuing adventures of Jonathans Adams's encounters with Esther, the "helpful" chat representative ​that Jonathan introduced us to in Dublin last time. For those that weren't able to attend, Jonathan explained how he got a first-hand experience of business and customer service in the digital age. Jonathan explained how easy it is to lose customers, or even keep customers and still lose revenue in this ​environment where we expect employees to know their customers and to be empowered to fix our ​specific problems and meet our specific needs.

Fast forward more than a year and we find Jonathan is still being bombarded with generic and expensive solicitations from Esther's company to try and win back business that they never had to lose in the first place. Of course, if they utilised and analysed their data they would know exactly what they did wrong and would be able to suggest a more personalized approach that is far more likely to succeed.

The fact is, companies in the digital age now store far more data about their customers than they ever used to but as this data floods their system, they seem even less able to convert it into valuable and actionable information. We all have experiences like this, whether it is your bank trying to sell you a credit card you already have, or your insurance company trying to upsell you to cover risks they should know you don't have.

So join Jonathan for another peek behind the scenes at companies who really ought to know better and collectively we’ll consider how to turn all that data into actionable information for a competitive business advantage.


Speaker bio:

Jonathan Adams is vice president and general manager of ZSolutions at BMC Software, Inc. He leads research and development for the company’s suite of mainframe products as well as those in its Select Technologies portfolio. During Adams’ 20 + year career with BMC, he has proved himself adept at significantly improving product reliability and delivering new releases that target customers’ top needs. He has held positions of increasing responsibility leading product development for DB2, MainView and IMS solutions. In his current role, he leads the company’s Mainframe Cost Optimization mission which focuses on delivering products to lower customers’ mainframe costs and provide them better availability. Since 2013, this initiative has delivered Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise, Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise, Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterprise and Application Accelerator for IMS. Adams began his career as a systems programmer for BellSouth Services. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama and a master’s of business administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.