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Chris Eaton - An Expert's Guide to DB2 Technology

Chris is a DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows lifer having worked at IBM on DB2 since its inception. Follow along as Chris shares his experiences and provides tips and techniques for getting the most out of DB2 including how to exploit new features and releases as they come on-line.

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Free dashDB and DB2 on Cloud Hands on Workshop at IDUG in DublinNext week I'm off to Dublin to take part in one of my favorite annual conferences; the IDUG EMEA DB2 Technical Conference. It's always full of great user sessions as well as sessions from some of the top DB2 experts from IBM. This year I will be delivering a 4 hours hands on workshop on Thursday afternoon covering DB2 on Cloud, dashDB and more. The best part is it is included with your conference registration so come out and get some hands on experience with runni
Back to School Means Conference Season for MeThe kids are now back in school and the weather in Toronto is starting to get much cooler in the evening. That means one thing to me (no not time for turkey and pumpkin pie), it means it's time to hit the road for conference season. Not including competitor's conferences that I attend to make sure I'm current on all the latest technology available in the market but from the DB2 side the first o
DB2 with BLU Acceleration optimized for POWER8 - wow that's fastYou may have seen announcements this week from IBM on the new POWER8 launch and much of it was centered around data analytics and specifically BLU technology. In case you missed it I have put together some links on the announcements and the great results of DB2 on Power8. On the IBM BLU Hub there is a set of announcements and links to more material http://www.ibmblu
How Data Skipping works in BLU Acceleration - Part 3In my first posting on Data Skipping I set the stage on the reasons why you would want to use data skipping (especially in systems that have way more data than can cost effectively fit completely in memory). In my
How Data Skipping works in BLU Acceleration - Part 2In my first part on Data Skipping I gave you the reasons for, and a short example on the benefits of data skipping. In this blog posting I will describe how the synopsis table works and how it is used by DB2. Data skipping in BLU is made possible by storing "metadata" about the various values in a given columns so that at runtime we can skip over portions of the
How Data Skipping works in BLU Acceleration - Part 1The good news is that you don't need to all happens automatically. So why bother writing about it? Well I know a lot of you out there (just like me) are curious and want to really understand how things work. And of course it's possible that things don't work the way you thought they would so you want to understand the underlying technology so that you can come to expect certain behaviours and understand why they are the way they are. I t
Automatic Workload Management with BLU AccelerationThere are often competing goals in any system today. One such example is the desire to leverage resources available on a machine in order to complete a given complex query as fast as possible, alongside the desire to provide predictable response time by ensuring a given set of resources is not overwhelmed. Although modern operating systems are very good at doing many things simultaneously and at scheduling work in an efficient manner, it is possible with hundreds or tho
BLU Customer ExperiencesI have written quite a few blog posts on capabilities in DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration and I will be writing more in the future to give you some details. In this post I'd like to share with you just a small sample of some of the comments from a few BLU customers and in future posts I will be sharing with you some deeper details on many of these comments. This will be leading up to a presentation I will be giving at the IDUG DB2 Technical Conference in North America in May 2
SAP Supports BLU Acceleration for In-Memory Columnar Analytics on SAP BWAs of December 3, 2013 SAP supports DB2 BLU Acceleration for use with SAP BW and Near Line Storage! SAP has released a note (SAP Note 1825340 - DB6: Use of BLU Acceleration with BW) officially announcing support for use of DB2 BLU Acceleration with SAP BW. This is another great example of the excellent technology relationship that exists between SAP engineers and IBM engineering team to work together to bring value to our mutual client
Vector Processing (SIMD) in DB2 10.5 with BLU AccelerationIn a previous blog posting I wrote about how we do compression and encoding in DB2 BLU Acceleration and in that video we spoke about how DB2 pre packs encoded data into register length "chunks" on the database pages. Why do this? The reason is that at runtime, when we want to run SIMD instructions on many pieces of data at the same time, it's more efficient