COMPLIMENTARY: Planning for Db2 12 and Continuous Delivery

Presenters: Adrian Burke and Anthony Ciabattoni

Thursday May 3rd, 08:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Db2 12 brings with it a plethora of new features, as well as a new means to deliver those functions. Function levels that is, and beginning with V12R1M500 (what would have been called new function level if it were V11) these function levels will be shipped throu

gh the normal preventative service stream. Components like APPLCOMPAT will now become vitally important and operate at the subsystem level, application/package level, as well as the driver level (IBM Data Server Driver). During this session we will delve into best practices with regards to migrating to DB2 12, exploiting new functions there-in, and how to prepare for the march towards continuous delivery.

Speaker Bios:

Adrian Burke is an Open Group Master Certified IT Specialist on the Db2 SWAT team based out of the Silicon Valley Lab. In this role as a technical advocate for Db2 for z/OS Adrian conducts consulting and educational workshops, Db2 health checks, and availability studies for Db2 for z/OS customers. Previously, as a Db2 Advisor, Adrian supported hundreds of Db2 for z/OS customers from a technical sales perspective delivering consultative and educational workshops. Adrian has spoken at numerous Db2 Regional User Groups both in the U.S. and abroad as well as presented at IDUG, SHARE, and IOD. He is also a published Redbook author on material dealing with Db2 performance..

Anthony Ciabattoni A current member of the DB2 for z/Os development SWAT team Anthony has over 25 years of professional DB2 experience with expertise in high available 24/7 high transaction rate data sharing environments. Strong knowledge base in DB2 data sharing, DB2 system performance as well as high available systems. Experience in all aspects of DB2, DBA experience, DB2 system experience and experience in architecting a well tuned DB2 environment. Prior to joining the Db2 for z/OS development SWAT team, Anthony was a Db2 Technical Advisor in the DB2 Tools development lab as well as spending significant years as a high end customer participating in the Db2 engine CAC and a Db2 Information Champion.