Spot Lights

Db2 for z/OS...and Beyond

This session will be focused on Db2 11 and Db2 12. Db2 12 for z/OS is the most recent release of IBM's flagship relational DBMS product for the mainframe. It includes many innovations that improve application performance and lower costs, without application changes. It also includes ease of use and simplification improvements that reduce management costs and improve availability. New application and security features are also included. Along with cloud, DevOps, Db2aaS, and hybrid analytics, Db2 12 provides the basis for continuous delivery whereby new features can be delivered more quickly, in a more controlled way for customers.

This presentation gives a technical overview of Db2 12, and offers an update on customer experiences, recent CD deliveries, and the technical strategy roadmap. A focus will be on how Db2 capabilities can be used to help enterprises meet the expectations, and demands of their internal and external customers.

Featured Speakers:

  • Jeff Josten
  • Maureen Townsend
  • Roger Miller
  • John Campbell
  • Chris Cone
Empower Your Business with a Db2 Hybrid Cloud Data Architecture

Among the best ways to deliver a business advantage are to be more efficient at new application development, and to leverage all your data sources for deeper insights. Success depends on your ability to converge data on the right data architecture for increased responsiveness. We will explain the benefits of a common database and data warehouse strategy so you can land transaction data, then easily analyze or move it without application rewrites. Hear examples of clients who have built an enterprise hybrid cloud platform for industry-leading insights into audience preferences. Find out how to get your development projects off to a solid start on this flexible hybrid cloud platform that puts data to work for you.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Db2, the Spotlight will feature a very special contributor from the history of the product, Sal Vella.

Featured Speakers:

  • Sal Vella 
  • Al Martin
  • Jessica Rockwood