Expert Panels

Have your questions answered directly by an esteemed expert panel of IBM strategists and developers, consultants and independent Db2 users!

By hosting again three separate Expert Panels (z/OS, LUW and Application Development), the questions will not only be more relevant to you, but we'll effectively increase the number that can be asked.

Collecting Questions

Start collecting questions that pop up during your daily work and submit them through our surveys:

Panel Members and Moderators

Db2 for z/OS Panel, Wednesday, 07.11.2018, 13:40-14:40


  • John Campbell (IBM)
  • Jim Dee (BMC)
  • Bjarne Nelson (UBS)
  • Terry Purcell (IBM)
  • Julian Stuhler (Triton Consulting)
  • Steve Thomas (CA)

Moderator: Adrian Collett

Room: Cettina de Cesare II

Db2 Panel, Wednesday, 07.11.2018, 14:50-15:50


  • Ember Crooks (Xtivia)
  • Iqbal Goralwalla (Triton Consulting)
  • John Hornibrook (IBM)
  • David Kalmuk (IBM)
  • Keri Romanufa (IBM)
  • Michael Tiefenbacher (ids-System GmbH)

Moderator: Frederik Engelen

Room: Cettina de Cesare II

Application Development Panel, Wednesday, 07.11.2018, 16:20-17:20


  • George Baklarz (IBM)
  • Henrik Loeser (IBM)
  • Jane Man (IBM)
  • Matthias Nicola (IBM)
  • David Simpson (Themis Inc)
  • Kurt Struyf (Suadasoft)

Moderator: Roland Schock

Room: Cettina de Cesare II