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New Technology To Reduce The Need For DB2 REORGs (B02)

Topic: 2011 EMEA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

DB2 for z/OS often depends on organizing the data with respect to a "cluster" key in order to optimize both I/O performance and CPU performance, and REORG is sometimes used to maintain clustering and well organized indexes. However, there is new technology, both hardware (i.e, SSD and zHPF) and DB2 software (DB2 10), that improves the performance of disorganized data, and therefore may provide relief from costly REORGs. Some of the questions that this presentation will tackle are "Does clustering really matter anymore?. What do we lose, or we do we gain, if we decide to abandon the objectives of clustering?" In particular, we'll show what happens to the performance as data or indexes becomes disorganized, with and without the new technology, and discuss alternative methods that DB2 10 provides for organizing the data that don't depend on clustering, and that may improve the performance for OLTP and database insert operations.

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