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50 Fabulous ways for forecasting failures, flaws, & finding flubber in DB2 LUW (D12)

Topic: 2011 EMEA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

Are you the database magician in your shop? Did it take 3 years to build the latest performance mess from the mom & pop cots low bidder thrown over the wall from that irkle design? Are you asked to fix it in 30 minutes or less? Has the regular dba just put in another 70 hour week and is now on catatonic r&r? Here are real sql's and techniques from live customer experiences that will help you see short term bottlenecks and help predict long term failures from poor data type selection, physical/logical design flubs, and strategic storage implementation snags. We'll see the “pick of the litter” performance sql and commands for filtering thru mountains of monitoring parameters/tuning knobs. Learn about quick techniques for viewing the various logs. See simple methods for predicting constraint issues & juggernauts, see index/log bottlenecks, “lack of preparation” issues, rollback/commit snags, and how to look for the “common/unnecessary” application SQL miscodes.

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