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Using Capture/Replay Technology to Dramatically Improve Your DB2 System (F14)

Topic: 2011 EMEA

Subtopic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

As DBAs, we introduce all kinds of changes into our DB2 system: new releases of DB2, changes to the DB2 configuration, new hardware, application changes, new SQL, new indexes, rebinding of packages, Runstats changes, etc. With all these changes, it becomes very difficult to make sure that the proposed changes have been validated by testing the includes all the SQL in your production workload. It's also difficult to assess the performance impact of these changes in a very precise manner. This presentation will show how capture/replay technology can be used to automate a thorough test process that will comprehensively test production-like workloads and help you pinpoint any performance improvements or degradations that occur due to the changes you've introduced.

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