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DB2 z/OS - Hands free approach to maintenance of multi terabyte tables (B08)

Topic: 2010 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

DATE: 2010-5-12 (02:45 PM - 03:45 PM)
SPEAKERS: Billy Sundarrajan (Fifth Third Bank)

DB2 v8 for z/OS introduced several key features which enhanced DB2's ability to store large volumes of data: Increased Number of partitions, Table controlled partitioning, DPSIs, and ALTER/ROTATE parts. These new techniques allow the ability to roll off data and add/rotate partitions in a table. Managing multiple multi-terabyte tables in a 24x7 can be a daunting task. At Fifth Third, we have developed innovative approaches to handle the challenges with design, space management and partition management of large multi-terabyte tables. Space management and partition rotation are performed in an automated fashion with zero to minimal DBA intervention. This presentation provides an overview of Table controlled partitioning, understanding logical versus physical partitions, best practices for designing large tables, and detailed information on automating partition maintenance.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate,Advanced


-Index controlled tables versus Range/Table controlled partitioned tables; key columns in the catalog tables, physical versus logical partitions

Techniques for Loading/Inserting data and purging data from large tables.

Best practices: pre-loading compression dictionary, PCTFREE/FREEPAGE settings, PRIQTY/SECQTY settings, TRACKMOD settings, statistics maintenance, PIECESIZE settings, Data sharing implications

Identifying partitions which need to be reorged, Rotating parts for new data -Automate the generation of rotate and reorg scripts

DB2 9 enhancements

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