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New and Improved Statistics in DB2 for z/OS V8 (B10)

Topic: 2005 EU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

DATE: 2005-10-25 (14:45 - 15:45)
SPEAKERS: Jim Ruddy (IBM Silicon Valley Lab)

This presentation will describe new and improved statistics for data and indexes, extensions to support DPSIs, and non-uniform statistics for non-indexed and indexed columns. There is also a tutorial reminder on optimizer filter factor calculations based on these statistics set in the guise of an improbable reality show.

EXP. LEVEL: Beginner


New data and index statistics

Statistics for Data Partitioned Secondary Indexes

Statistics of padded and non-padded indexes

Non-uniform statistcs and why they are important

How statistics are used to compute filter factors

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