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[E14] Fun With SQL

Topic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

Subtopic: 2013

Fun With SQL teamwork: A list of SQL challenges is presented to all groups and when the first challenge is done, the participants group can move to the next challenge. Of the groups there is always one group typing on a wireless keyboard. Each group each get 5 minutes on the keyboard. (IDUG facilitators will keep time).
While on the keyboard the group can type whatever they want to try solving the challenge at hand.
Other participants can point them to the right documentation or can help them out solving a challenge. After 5 minutes a buzzer goes (provided and monitored by IDUG facilitators) and another group is chosen (by luck of the draw done by IDUG facilitators) and the new group gets the keyboard and can continue working, where the previous group left off. At the end of the TNO the participants get the questions and possible solutions to take home for reference.
Doors close behind 48th person.

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