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E12 - The power of DB2 - more than just tables, views and indexes

Topic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

Subtopic: 2014

During his involvement with a large compliance project the presenter, as well as designing a resonable sized enhancement to the largest database in the shop, had to expand his knowledge and dip into the rich set of features available to provide the overall database solution utilised in terms of DB2 for z/OS.

In doing so the following set of features were utilised and developed as part of the solution.

1. SQLJ connections instead of direct JDBC.
2. Utilisation of a technique to transform Relationally structured data into XML as the result set data format from the majority of SQL being called via the SQLJ connection.
3. Development of a MQT to significantly simplify the access path and improve the performance of much of the SQL being called via SQLJ.
4. Lastly plug a hole in the application design by utilising the DB2 MQ Send API via a database trigger to invoke a service to maintain functionality and data integrity.

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