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Future Technology Directions in Java Access to DB2 (E03)

Topic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

Subtopic: 2007

DATE: 2007-11-5 (16:15 - 17:15)
SPEAKERS: Curt Cotner (IBM Silicon Valley Lab)

This presentation will provide details on how IBM plans to enhance Java programming access to relational databases. The presentation will provide a brief history of the solutions that are prevalent in the industry, the technical challenges that customers face in using those interfaces, and IBM's view of how the new technology being developed in the IBM Labs will help address these challenges.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate


Review the commonly used Java database programming techniques

Describe the technical problems customers face using these techniques

Present IBM's new technology for accessing DB2 from Java

Describe how the new technology helps solve the problems that confront customers


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