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How to Juggle Multiple (DB2) Relationships Without Getting Caught.

Topic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

Subtopic: 2015

Large DB2 extracts can become almost unmanageable when trying to create a smaller subset. Compuware's Bill Mackey will present an innovative approach to visually manage overwhelming quantities of DB2 objects and relationships. This presentation is based on real-life case studies where we break up large extracts into usable sizes while maintaining integrity.

The presentation will:

1. Include a case study showing a massive DB2 application with approx.. 1000 objects and at least as many relationships.

2. Address the challenges of extracting this data and the importance of creating good test data.

3. Discuss the challenges of creating a related subset of this data to be used for testing.

4. Discuss the pros and cons of RI versus Application Relationships.

5. Use utilities to visually show how we went about figuring out how to prune down the massive amounts of relationships into manageable related extracts.

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