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F13 - A DBA Experience with Testing and Implementing IDAA

Topic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

Subtopic: 2015

As a DBA, we see numerous complaints about long-running queries in our Data Warehouse environment. The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator can reduce the CPU and elapsed time of these queries by 50%-90% by offloading eligible queries to run on the IDAA device. Other advantages are a reduction in production job abends due to contention and a reduction in -904 failures due to running out of DB2 work space. There are tools available to help determine the workload that is eligible to run on the device, as well as a GUI tool that is a plug-in to Data Studio. The IDAA Studio can be used to interactively add and manipulate objects on the device as well as monitoring queries that run on the device. An R&D project was used to test the device and develop a process for determining what tables should go on the device, and how to maintain them. Queries started routing to the device immediately after enabling the first table, and the savings have been adding up.

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