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E03 - Succeeding with Predictive Analytics and unlocking the power of Data Science with R on Netezza

Topic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

Subtopic: 2016

Succeeding with Predictive Analytic s and unlocking the power of Data Science with R on Netezza
R continues to be the program of choice for Data Scientists, however the performance of R programs are severely limited by the memory capacity of the machines where they are traditionally run. Learning how we can leverage IBM’s Pure Data for Analytic s powered by Netezza technology to obtain a massively parallel Big Data computing environment for running complex R machine learning algorithms would be a very good alternative. This architecture will provide unlimited scale out so the processing infrastructure can grow on demand. The idea is to develop an architecture where the R processing can be pushed down to Netezza’s parallel processing and hardware accelerator enabled architecture and perform processing close to the data as opposed to taking it out to process in a separate R processing environment. Data processing as well as a predictive modeling example will be illustrated to further enhance our understanding of the R processing on Netezza. Running Open R on Netezza can help eliminate licensing costs associated with other similar analytical tools which is definitely beneficial to an organization. IBM Netezza technology is an appliance that is built for running analytical workloads at amazing speeds. This architecture will allow Data Scientists to continue to use R without having to learn other emerging technologies and yet reap the benefits of today’s Big Data architectures and can be positioned as the strategic analytical processing environment of an organization.

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