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Goodby Persistency Layer. Defining the Database Service Catalog. (F07)

Topic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

Subtopic: 2008

DATE: 2008-10-14 (15:30 - 16:30)

Many organisations have started to implement ITIL or similar service approaches. The database group often neglects to play a significant role in this new context. This presentation gives you a head start and gives you a set of guidelines, workflows and service definitions that will jumpstart your DBA team and will put you on the corporate radar.

EXP. LEVEL: Beginner,Intermediate


Defining a life cycle management services for your relational objects. Who maintains the schema and what tools can we use.

Defining data movement services. How do you control replication and data copy processes and who is the owner.

Defining data availability services. How to get to 24 by 7 for your database.

Defining rich information services. How do you support new types of information, XML, unstructured...

Defining Data Governance. How to assure you are compliant with the latest regulations. Data Masking, encryption, auditing services are the answer.

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