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versus - Using the right tool for job (C15)

Topic: DB2 for LUW

Subtopic: 2010

DATE: 2010-11-11 (08:30 - 09:30)
SPEAKERS: Serge Rielau (IBM)

DB2 9.7 has greatly improved the powers of SQL PL and SQL has been quite advanced for a long time.So, with so many ways to do a job. Which way is best? It depends.In this presentation we'll tell you what it depends on.We will look at common arch enemies, upturn old myths (or confirm them).

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate


When to use ARRAYs or ASSOCIATES arrays, TEMP tables and common table expressions

Cursors are bad right? Well, are they really? And when are they not?

For years I have been bragging about DB2's inline SQL PL. Then came DB2 9.7. So what's the deal? When should I use inline SQL PL and when compiled SQL PL

DB2 9.7 allows 64 levels of recursion for routines, common table expressions and of course interative logic. So when should I use which>

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