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DB2 DWE: Warehouse Building Infrastructure (I10)

Topic: DB2 for LUW

Subtopic: 2007

DATE: 2007-5-9 (01:40 PM - 02:40 PM)
SPEAKERS: Sriram Srinivasan (IBM)

This talk will introduce the DB2 Data Warehouse edition with an overview of the architecture. The main emphasis will be on the tools available for DB2 UDB Warehouse building and maintenance, especially to perform in-database transformations. DWE Design Studio is an eclipse based product that enables users to model or reverse engineer database schema as well as to model data warehouse processing using Data and Control flows. The framework also provides a way to integrate external scripts or jobs in ETL engines such as DataStage.

EXP. LEVEL: Beginner,Intermediate


How to build in-database transformations to maintain DB2 UDB warehouses

Test execute and debug processes from the eclipse based Design Studio

Deploy to a production environment

Quick examples on how to integrate SQL-based warehousing processes and Data Stage ETL Jobs

Manage warehouse processes using the DWE Admin

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