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Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks in DB2 9.7 and PureScale (D02)

Topic: DB2 for LUW

Subtopic: 2011

In order to maximize your database system performance you need to be able to identify the key performance bottlenecks that are preventing your system from running at its full capacity. In DB2 9.7 and PureScale, we put a comprehensive new set of performance metrics at your disposal to facilitate this process. These new "time spent" metrics allow you to break down where time is being spent on your database server, so that you can quickly identify and eliminate these bottlenecks. Through a series of practical examples, this session will introduce you to DB2's new "time spent" metrics and show you how you can leverage them in different scenarios to quickly diagnose and eliminate performance problems in your environment. You will learn ways to drill down into problem subsystems, how to use wait times to know what to tune, how to identify the connections and workloads consuming the most time in DB2, and much more.

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