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DB2 pureScale Performance - the Significant Bits About Configuration, Monitoring and Tuning (C10)

Topic: DB2 for LUW

Subtopic: 2011

DB2 pureScale provides outstanding availability and scalability for OLTP applications. When it comes to performance & tuning, if you're familiar with DB2 LUW, you'll recognize many of the same configuration & design choices in pureScale, as well as the monitoring interfaces and tuning mechanisms on offer. But how to use these to get the very best performance out of pureScale? In this session, bringing years of experience straight from the pureScale performance team, we'll cover core performance areas from the perspective of users already familiar with DB2 ESE, and look at how pureScale differs. We'll look at the fundamentals of system configuration, including valuable rules-of-thumb on storage setup and memory allocation. In the area of monitoring, we'll explore how pureScale activity is reflected in the existing monitoring interfaces, and where to find the new key performance indicators that really tell you how your pureScale system is running. Last but not least, we'll then look at how to exploit those new pureScale KPIs in tuning the system for maximum performance.

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