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D09 - What's Helped To Manage 80+ DB2 Servers Single Handed?

Topic: DB2 for LUW

Subtopic: 2014

While every DBA has his/her own ways to administer the systems effectively, this discussion will focus on following areas:

- DB2 compression saved both storage and memory resources. Allowed Warehouse database servers scale up, kept systems running with limited resources, and improved performance on both application workloads and database maintenance routines.

- Took advantage over DB2 automation features (memory, tablespace).

- Proper alert configuration was the key to keep me informed about the potential issues before users noticed.

- Proactive database administration enabled me to eliminate the potential bottlenecks before they becoming apparent.

- Workload balancing allowing reasonable resource usage, avoided “rush hours” congestions.

- Used DB2 native tools in the monitoring and maintenance programs/scripts. Good old tools still work great.

- Staying connected with DB2 community, knowing what’s coming and preparing the applications to take advantage over the new features.

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