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C16 - db2batch Tips and Tricks

Topic: DB2 for LUW

Subtopic: 2015

db2batch is a very powerful tool, but not always easy to use. It is my favorite performance tool and I want to share my enthusiasm about it. db2batch captures actual timings and other metrics as the query you are testing is running. Some of those metrics are SQL execution timings, plus a number of metrics including CPU time, sort information (number of sorts, sort time, sort overflows), rows read, rows written, rows updated (and inserted and deleted), rows fetched and bufferpool usage details. In addition an explain can be captured at the time of execution. db2batch can work with SQL with literals or parameter markers.

This presentation will teach you how to use the numerous db2batch parameters. It will also show the difference in using db2batch with SQL with literals and SQL with parameter markers.

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