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D14 - Project Dynamite! Live Audience Guided Demo of Database as a Service up in the Cloud

Topic: DB2 for LUW

Subtopic: 2015

Project Dynamite accelerates rapid adoption and feature exploration of the latest DB2 and Netezza technology in the Cloud.
The Database service is available through 3 entry points each with their relevant analytic ecosystem. Through Cloudant for mobile applications looking to move Semi-Structured JSON ata into Structured format for Analytic procesor, through IBM Bluemix for application developers building mobile applications that need to leverage a fast analytic database service, and for new and existing warehouses looking for solution in the cloud. In this session we will walk through an interactive live demo of the dynamite service demonstrating how easy it is to design your database, manage your users, work with tables, load data from various sources, connect secure applications, and run queries.

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