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High Insert Workload - A Study using DB2 z/OS V9 (C02)

Topic: DB2 for z/OS

Subtopic: 2008

DATE: 2008-5-19 (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
SPEAKERS: Maryela Weihrauch (IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory)

The demand for higher insert rates into databases is ever increasing as more and more data is kept managed in databases. DB2 z/OS V9 contains a number of new features that especially target high insert workloads. Maryela shares her experience in tuning a high insert workload implemented in Java and shows how DB2 z/OS V9 features helped her achieve the goal.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate,Advanced


Study workload overview and performance pain areas for this workload

Tuning areas for high insert performance

DB2 z/OS V9 features that benefit insert workloads

IO and network tuning

The performance impact of above features as measured in the study.

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