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DB2 UDB for z/OS and WebSphere Integration (G12)

Topic: DB2 for z/OS

Subtopic: 2005

DATE: 2005-5-25 (12:30 PM - 01:40 PM)
SPEAKERS: Sean Lee (IBM Silicon Valley Lab )

The flexibility in WebSphere deployment options make it difficult to choose ebusiness architectures. This presentation will discuss the various architecture options for exploiting DB2 UDB for z/OS from any WebSphere platform. We'll review details on how to configure a WebSphere datasource and how to set perform some basic functions such as DB2 isolation levels and transaction boundaries.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate


Introduction to WebSphere and DB2 UDB for z/OS

JDBC / SQLJ connectivity options from WebSphere

Configuring WebSphere Datasources for DB2 z/OS

Setting DB2 isolation levels and transaction boun

Considerations for JDBC, SQLJ, and stored procedur

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