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DB2 Disaster Recovery - LIVE! (Part 2 of 2) (G05)

Topic: DB2 for z/OS

Subtopic: 2008

DATE: 2008-10-14 (11:45 - 12:45)
SPEAKERS: Phil Grainger (CA), Steen Rasmussen (CA)

This presentation looks at how CAs Recovery Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS can be used to automate the steps required in a full disaster recovery of a DB2 subsystemThe session will include a LIVE recovery of a DB2 subsystem just to prove how quick and simple it can be

EXP. LEVEL: Beginner,Intermediate


What is CA Recovery Analyzer

The steps needed to create a recovery strategy

What needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure trouble-free recovery?

Recovery of a subsystem


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