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DB2 V8 'SYSTEM-BACKUP/-RESTORE' ( Issues and Alternatives for UBS AG). (G08)

Topic: DB2 for z/OS

Subtopic: 2006

DATE: 2006-10-3 (16:45 - 17:45)
SPEAKERS: André Goetschy (UBS AG)

The purpose of this presentation is to show and explain the new DB2 Version 8 features and compare them with the processes already in place at UBS AG to fulfill the banks requirements in the area of 'DB2 BACKUP and RESTORE at SYSTEM-LEVEL'.TOPICS/CONTENTS:1. The new DB2 V8 'SYSTEM-BACKUP/-RESTORE' (announcement, prerequisites and requirements) 2. The existing solution at UBS AG ( purpose, functions and processing modes )3. Comparison between the existing and new possibilities 4. Conclusion and recommendations

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate


Present and explain the of the new DB2 Version 8 utilities 'SYSTEM BACKUP' and 'SYSTEM-RESTORE'

Show how DB2 exploits the z/OS 1.5 DFSMS enhancements

Describe a sample environment incl. the necessary DFSMS constructs.

Describe and comment the possible B/R scenarii3. Using backups from from FlashCopy

Strengths and the weaknesses of new DB2 Version 8 B/R utilities

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