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B05 - Are you sick of health checks?!

Topic: DB2 for z/OS

Subtopic: 2014

The idea of a health check is to pinpoint weaknesses before they hurt without frightening you. Although there is a variety of solutions and procedures out there, DB2 can still get sick. What’s wrong? This presentation shows critical areas within DB2 that should be observed and checked every once in a while. Additionally we demonstrate how easily you can automate and pragmatically verify performance, availability and recoverability. A clear reporting allows to understand trends and to fix problems proactively and quickly.
Last but not least I’ll introduce the SOFTWARE ENGINEERING DB2 Health Check Series Freeware that bundles the expertise and knowledge to run automated checks against critical DB2 components like the catalog, your zparms, or the coupling facility. The tools can evaluate performance critical components of a complete DB2 subsystem or a data sharing group. The foundation of the extensive analysis of our HealthCheck is based on IBM’s own recommendations and Best Practices.

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