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A15 - Dollars and Sense: Making the Most of DB2's Dynamic Statement Cache

Topic: DB2 for z/OS

Subtopic: 2015

Do you know what the dynamic SQL looks like at your shop? Would you like TOP 10 reports of the worst performing dynamic SQL currently running? How about top 10 reports for a particular day or across a particular week? Do you desire to know how much money your dynamic SQL is costing? And how about trends of what applications cost the company the most and has that changed over time? How about a list of all dynamic SQL that runs against a table? Or finding SQL that violates SQL standards? Interested in SQL tuning examples that have saved us money? Once you have the reports, and tuning examples you can begin to save your company money by tuning what really needs to be tuned! This session will show you how we get the job done at Shelter Insurance.

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