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A16 - Automating Access Path Management in DB2 for z/OS

Topic: DB2 for z/OS

Subtopic: 2015

Managing the many facets of DB2 performance is a monumental and time consuming task.   Most DBAs today simply do not have the time or bandwith to effectively monitor, manage, and maintain their DB2 z/OS environments. Over the last few releases of DB2, IBM has been introducing automatic facilities such as Real-Time statistics and plan management policies to help make application performance more “hands off”.  DB2 V10 introduced several new features focused particularly on managing statistics and access paths, reducing the risks of undesirable access path changes.
This presentation will cover new access path management features such as plan management policies, new bind options, statement level optimization, production modeling.  It will also review real-time statistics, performance profiles and the new maintenance features added in V10 such as autonomic statistics.  
Key topics covered include:
• Real-Time Statistics
• Performance Profiles
• Maintenance for Performance
• Reorganization
• Autonomic Statistics
• Automated Access Path Management
• Statement Level Optimization
• Production Modeling

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