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Top Ten Tips to crash your DB2 (B01)

Topic: DB2 for z/OS

Subtopic: 2006

DATE: 2006-10-2 (11:30 - 12:30)
SPEAKERS: Dirk Johann (Software Engineering GmbH)

or: Avoid being a 24x7 DBA DB2 environments become more and more complex. We know about real-world DB2 crashes and have categorized the reasons. In this presentation we want to show the best tips to crash your DB2 environment, or, if you prefer, how to avoid the pitfalls that have already trapped other users. Finally, we offer our popular checklist for a DBA in a crashing environment. We all have been in situations, where around your DBA's workplace a manager's hotspot suddenly materializes. In this presentation you can learn some handy answers to manager's FAQs.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate,Advanced


Top Ten Tips to crash your DB2

Indicators for an unstable DB2 system

Checklist for a DBA in crashing environments

Some tips to avoid crashes

Health checking your DB2 system

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