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VLDB – An Analysis of DB2 at Very Large Scale - D13

Topic: 2012 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

The Very Large Database project is an exciting and unprecedented initiative to verify the performance and scalability of DB2 and its complimentary products at the very large scale. The trend towards real-time analytics is placing increasing demands on data warehouse systems. The investigations by the team in Dublin includes simulating heavy on-peak analytics in parallel with other essential system functions such as data ingest and backup and recovery. In order to achieve a database of this magnitude, the team have developed and patented innovative techniques for rapid population of customer like data. Valuable insights are being learned and these will feed into product design and best practice recommendations, to ensure that DB2 continues to out pace future customer needs. This presentation will take us through these insights and highlight the key considerations to ensure a successful large scale data warehouse solution.

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