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De-mystifing JDBC Universal Drivers - for the z/OS DBA - B01

Topic: 2012 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

With the prevalence of web applications, and DDF becoming a predominant method of accessing data in DB2 for z/OS, the boundaries between the z/OS DBA and the DB2 drivers continue to shrink. Understanding a DDF connection from end-to-end is becoming key to the success of a mainframe DBA. DBAs are faced with the challenges of understanding how DB2 drivers interact with DB2, and understand the concepts of connection pooling from the application servers and type-4 drivers. This presentation provides an introduction to the type-2 and type-4 drivers, connection pooling, and key parameters and zparms are enabling connection pooling, and how to write a sample java program for connecting to DB2 on z/OS using a type-4 universal driver

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