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DB2 for z/OS Migration – Query Performance Considerations - B03

Topic: 2012 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

The DB2 for z/OS optimizer is continually evolving with each release, and for static SQL, REBIND is generally recommended to take advantage of these new optimizations. But how do customers minimize their exposure to access path regression for static SQL? What about dynamic SQL that is exposed to the new optimizer on day 1? And then there is the RUNSTATS enhancements that came in DB2 9 and then in DB2 10. Can I model the potential impact before I get to production? What about data sharing co-existence? The questions are endless, and this presentation will attempt to outline how best to navigate how to exploit the RUNSTATS enhancements, to make the most of Plan Management, and proactive access path analysis - whether you are migrating from V8->9, V8->10 or 9->10.

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