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Tuning SQL at US Senate using Info Optim Query Workload Tuner - B14

Topic: 2012 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

Business Needs:
US Senate DBAs needed to identify, analyze and resolve issues with dynamic SQL queries quickly and cost-effectively to maintain high performance levels for the Senate’s financial management system.

IBM InfoSphere Optim Query Workload Tuner provides the expert query tuning advice needed to optimize database query design and proactively resolve problems before application performance is affected.

Significantly reduced time required to analyze queries; reduced query response time from minutes to seconds; decreased the time to identify problem queries from days to minutes.

“With its rich set of advisors and reports and the capabilities for monitoring and tuning, Info Optim Query Workload Tuner has proven extremely valuable for our most challenging queries. For example, when we run the Statistics Advisor for a single query or workload, we can apply the statistics to the objects and then re-analyze the query or workload. As a result, we immediately see a tremendous improvement in CPU time, I/O and elapsed time, as well as improved access paths.”
Times have been reduced by as much as 95% for online environment with dynamic queries.

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