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Understanding the DB2 Process Model Architecture in Warehouse and PureScale Environments - C13

Topic: 2012 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

Understanding the internal process model architecture of DB2 can give you important insights into how your data warehouse or pureScale cluster operates and how to manage it. This session will offer you an "under the hood" glimpse at DB2's processing architecture for both Warehouse and pureScale. You will learn about the thread management architecture in DB2, including how it integrates with Workload Management, and the Connection Concentrator. You will learn how DB2 performs communication between nodes, as well as how the communications architecture differs between Warehouse and PureScale environments. We will also cover critical DB2 resources like FCM buffers and channels, what they are, how they are managed in DB2, and tips on how you can monitor and tune them to prevent resource outages on your system.

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